Backyard Native is a private music lesson studio in southeast Portland, Oregon. It is owned by composer and songwriter Josiah Austin.
Josiah has been teaching private music lessons for 6 years and has been songwriting and composing original music for 17 years. He has worked on many film projects, commercials, commissioned pieces, personal projects, and has done music and sound for clients such as Starbucks, Nike, Leatherman, Strava, and more. 
Josiah spent many of his early years outside, daydreaming and exploring the variety of backyards behind the homes of family and friends from the Midwest to the West Coast, where he made fond memories. The strange childhood phenomena of everything in life seeming so big, strange, and mysterious has never left him, and the resulting essences of adventure, magic, mystery, and melancholy manifest themselves in musical forms.
Backyard Native offers a variety of music lessons.
Services Include:
Piano Lessons (All ages. Beginner to Early Advanced)
Drum Lessons (All ages. Beginner to Intermediate)
Songwriting/Composition Lessons (Ages 12+)